Monday, March 21, 2016

Pressure cooker update

We are overdue for a real recipe, but for now I will update on using the new pressure cooker. This model is fine, but it's not nearly as sturdy as my older model (same brand, Presto). If the old one turns up, I'll go with that and replace the rubber seal.

I've been using the new cooker about 3 times a week for the past month. I no longer need to freeze beans and we haven't opened a can of beans either. If I want to have beans in the evening, I rinse and soak them before work. They really just need 4 hours of soaking. I cook them for 2 minutes when the "hat" starts to rock. It's been very easy and they are tastier than the canned beans. I do not bother to add oil for cooking.

For lunches, I put whatever bean I've just cooked on a salad (cannellini, garbanzo, or black beans). Beans alone are not a complete protein, so I usually have it with a piece of whole grain pita bread. You can combine beans with any source of whole grain (brown rice, quinoa, whole grain pasta etc.)

I toss it with olive oil and a chili vinegar which was a holiday gift from our neighbors. Delicious!
Started soaking beans this morning to make fresh hummus for lunch.

A few hours later, a delicious hummus lunch with fresh cooked chick peas.